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Black Sachbak - No Pay No Gain LP (splattered vinyl / 180g black vinyl)

12.00 - On Sale

Black Sachbak from Tel Aviv/ Petah-Tiqua, Israel play oldschool Thrash Metal in the vein of the eighties. But they include their own new note in it!

- 150 copies on green vinyl with red splattering
- 450 copies on heavyweight 180g black vinyl
- Artwork by Andrei Bouzikov
- cushioned record bags
- thick insert
- Postcard
- A downloadcode is included!

From the press regarding "NO PAY NO GAIN":

"Black Sachbak restores my faith in the Thrash/Crossover genre...This is a whirl storm of madness, so much fun that you’d explode…. releasing one of the best albums I’ve heard of late where the term Thrash gets thrown about. "- Transcending obscurity webzine, Asia.

“Strapping on a tank full of punk to their trash fuelled juggernaut of sound, Israeli metallers Black Sachbak is one of those wonderfully intrusive treats which it is impossible not to develop a lustful hunger for.” - The Ringmaster Review webzine, UK.

" if you like this style of short brutal thrash, fork over the cash and have some fun" - True metal lives, US

"These guys...truly impressed me with high octane thrash metal songs and full attitude... they know how to place different and complex sections throughout the songs, and this is something very particular in their sound. The ability to compose distinct structures is something difficult, and believe me if I say that this guys have good taste"- Zombie ritual webzine, MEX.

"If MUNICIPAL WASTE and GAMA BOMB ended up with a musical love child then BLACK SACHBAK is the outcome." - Metal temple webzine.

„The songs are short, powerful and bring that feeling of being under a highway overpass with spray-paint cans and skateboards. “ – Brutalism webzine, Netherlands.

“ Black Sachbak go back to the punk and thrash crossover sound of the 80's and bring in a more melodic take on this genre with their musical sound while still having a great amount of heaviness and aggression to them, the production sounds very old school yet professional all at the same time while the lyrics cover political, real life and humorous themes.” – ExtremeUndergroundMusicZine.

“Technisch einwandfrei eingespielt, ist „No Pay, No Gain“ für jeden Thrash Metal Fan ein Pflichtkauf!!!!“ - Extreminal webzine

For Fans of Bands like Cryptic Slaughter, D.R.I., Gang Green, Nuclear Assault, Municipal Waste, Gwar, Gamma Bomb, Space Chaser or Tankard. :P

The band is known in Israel as one of the leading political left winged / anti- fascism bands.

Out now!

Black Sachbak are:
Eliran Balely: Vocals
Dor HaShamen Plaut: Guitars (lead)
Lidor Sharaby: Bass
Noam Chizo Salingre: Drums

All songs written and arranged by Black Sachbak.
Recorded by Eli Pikover and Arie Aranovich at "Pikover studios" TLV
Mixed by Eli Pikover
Mastered by Scott Atkins
Coverart by Andrei Bouzikov

Vinyl Version: JanML Records / Maja von Lobeck, 2015
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