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Christmas / The Skinny Millionaires Split 7''


Christmas / The Skinny Millionaires Split 7''

1. Don't Talk To Me
2. Negotiations Did't Go So Well

There are 250 copies
- 50 on black vinyl
- 100 on white vinyl
- 100 on black/white marbled vinyl

Christmas- the punk band from Sankt Wendel, Germany, whose singer was also the singer of Reagan Youths last tour team up with The Skinny Millionaires from Newport, Rhode Island, USA.
Christmas do a GG Allin Coversong from his first record, before GG ended up as a drug addicted wreck.

The Skinny Millionaires is a side project of the guitarist Miky Millionaire from the Turbo A.C.s. They play more songwriter oriented punkrock. Great Song!

"Die Band aus Newport liefert mit „Negotiations Didn’t Go So Well“ einen lupenreinen Rock-Song ab. Dieser erinnert mich an einen perfekten Cocktail aus THE BRONX, ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT und einer Prise BOB DYLAN, aufgerührt mit einem großen Schluck eines vollständigen neuartigen und originellen Sounds. „Negotiations“ begeistert durch seine eingängige Melodie, seine smarten Lyrics, Songwriting Skills und einen facettenreichen Aufbau des Songs, sowie sein mitreißendes Gitarren-Solo. " []

"‘Negotiations Didn’t Go So Well’ The Skinny Millionaires, Rhode Island residents release their first track in five years. Singer Miky Millionaire might be a familiar face for many people. He plays the guitar in The Turbo A.C.’s as well. The fact these tunes are so different works well. A class split and one we’re delighted to include at the top of our roundup and cool that after Christmas and turbo AC’s have split a 7″ before its a cool introduction to the Skinny Millionaires. Two top tunes" []

(Corelease: LSD im Trinkwasser - JanML Records/Maja von Lobeck, 2019)

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