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Dieter Jackson - Silver 7''


Dieter Jackson - Silver 7''

This is a PREORDER! All preorders will be shipped earlier at the end of january/ beginning of february 2022!

here we are 2 years into the pandemic and our little Punkrock and Roll band DIETER JACKSON is saying goodbye for good and obvious reasons.
We've condensed to a duo, yet decided to record the 3 final songs we were working on until 2018. Thank you for your great support and heartwarming messages."

If you want to, you can grab some black or colored 7" vinyl here on monday the 27th of december 2021 at 18:00 (17pm UTC/GMT+1) .
Hannes & Leifor // Dieter Jackson"

There will be:
- 50 copies on turquoise opaque vinyl
- 100 copies on blue translucent vinyl
- 150 copies on black vinyl
- four sided folder cover
- download code
Releasedate: 4th of march 2022

"DIETER JACKSON sagen auf Wiedersehen! Zum Duo zusammengeschrumpft und nach reiflicher Überlegung haben wir beschlossen, die Lieder, an denen wir zuletzt gebastelt haben, noch einmal vernünftig aufzunehmen und auf 7"-Vinyl herauszubringen.

REB von den Bates war so lieb, für uns nochmal zur Gitarre zu greifen und uns bei unserem Song "Alright" zu unterstützen, was uns sehr freut und womit sich nochmal ein ganz anderer Kreis schließt.

Danke an REB und an alle Menschen, die uns in 10 Jahren in welcher Form auch immer begleitet haben. <3

Hannes & Leif // Dieter Jackson"

Released through JanML Records / Maja von Lobeck, 2022.
Please ask for exact international shipping costs, if you want to buy more articles, or if you want insured international shipping to safe some money. (it depends on the weight, up to 2kg for at least 4 regular LPs and some 7inches fit in most cases, over 2kg, up to 5kg might affect higher postage costs).
Because of the war of agression against the ukraine we are not able to ship items to Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. We hope the situations turns better soon, as peacefully as possible.