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Killbite / Ódio Social ‎– Suas Torres Douradas Entraráo Em Colapso - Split LP

Image of Killbite / Ódio Social ‎– Suas Torres Douradas Entraráo Em Colapso - Split LP


Killbite / Ódio Social ‎– Suas Torres Douradas Entraráo Em Colapso - Split LP

"Your Golden Towers Will Collapse" (this is the english title of the album) is a valid proof that a long-lasting friendship, even the members of the band are separated by a huge ocean, can lead to a powerful and creative co-operation:

ÓDIO SOCIAL is an active part of the big Punk community in Sao Paulo, Brasil, but they already toured In Europe and have some nice releases out, so they might have been able to get some attention in the international Underground Punk, Hardcore scene. Born and raised in a big city moloch in Southern America, full of crime, poverty, dirt and shit, might as well have influenced the band members as growing up together with legendary brasilian bands like OLHO SECO, RATOS DE PORAO, ARMAGEDOM, ... . On this split LP ÓDIO SOCIAL present six shorter and raging South American Hardcore, Punk songs, full of fury and "Third World" anger. All material is fast as fuck brutal, unstoppable and the band can´t be ashamed that some people will compare them with the almighty RATOS DE PORAO or the fucked brasilian POISON IDEA.

KILLBITE their split partners are a refreshing band in the actual german Punk, Crust scene, coming from the Northern part of this fucked up country, they already invaded the audience with some nice releases and their steady touring (might it be during the weekends or some shorter trips with friends) help them to spread their noise "nearly everywhere". Yes Crustcore from Germany is back on the map, don´t always look out for UK, USA or Sweden, this fucking part of the world also has essential bands to offer. KILLBITE manages to create a perfect fusion of brutal (butz not hyperfast) Crustcore and a more swedish Death Metal attitude / heaviness without loosing their political (Punk) roots. This five own songs plus the RATOS DE PORAO cover track on their split album side are a perfect proof for the quality of KILLBITE, be aware this Punks will get a lot of attention in the future and really have the potential to become a respected / loved Crust act.

This LP will be pressed on Black vinyl in an edition of 500 copies, housed in a hardcover (a little bit heavier than this standard pocket covers) and with a nice fold-out lyric sheet / poster."

(Break the Silence et al. 2017)
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