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Phantom Winter – CVLT LP (180g black vinyl first Press)

Image of  Phantom Winter – CVLT  LP (180g black vinyl first Press)


Phantom Winter – CVLT LP (180g black vinyl first Press)

" Dark. Raw. Intense: „Cvlt“ by Phantom Winter is one of the most anticipated heavy records this year. Phantom Winter were born last year from the ashes from Omega Massif. Soon after their demise, Andreas Schmittfull (Guitar, Vocals) and Christof Rath (Drums) of Omega Massif began to write new songs. Joined by Martin Achter (Bass) and Christian Krank (Vocals) Phantom Winter is complete to attack everyone`s ears.

Pushing genre boundaries aside, Phantom Winter brings you a heavy mixture of metal, sludge and doomy rock. Psychedelic sludge, merging doom and mighty mighty riffs to create a sound on their own, Phantom Winter deliver their debut „CVLT“ for Golden Antenna. Recorded at „Die Tonmeisterei (Tephra, Omega Massif etc.) „CVLT“ takes you on an intense journey through different levels of extreme music which they themselves call „Winterdoom“.

In Phantom Winter matchless musicianship hits the distressed vocals by Christian Krank to achieve one of the most awe-inspiring pieces of music to be released this year. The vast artwork was done by Hummel Grafik (Planks, Minot, Omega Massif)."

1. Corpses Collide
2. Finster Wald
3. Svffer
4. Avalanche Cities
5. Wintercvlt

Black vinyl. 180gr. Edition of 700 copies.

(Golden Antenna 2015)
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