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PUNXELATED – Punk Photo Zine No 1 by Marc Gärtner

Image of PUNXELATED – Punk Photo Zine No 1 by Marc Gärtner

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PUNXELATED – Punk Photo Zine #1 by Marc Gärtner

64 pages
full color
no ads
About 200 images from 58 bands.
Featuring images from:

7 Seconds, The Angry Samoans, Bad Religion, Bloodattack, Blumfeld, Bubonix, The Casting Out, Ceremony, Cock Sparrer, Conmoto, The Creepshow, Dean Dirg, Descendents, Dirty Deeds, The Dopamines, EA80, Enter your crisis, The Epoxies, The Ergs!, Gallows, Glasses, Grim, Hammerhead, The Hanson Brothers, Jello Biafra, Jennifer Rostock, The Jetty Boys, Juliette Lewis, Kraftclub, Less Than Jake, The Marked Men, Municipal Waste, New Bomb Turks, Night Birds, NoFX, No Means No, No Use For a Name, Paint it Black, pg.99, Propagandhi, Punch, The Queers, Rämouns, Reagan Youth, Selig, Sham 69, Slime, Sloppy Seconds, The Slow Death, Sniffing Glue, Spermbirds, The Subways, Tomte, Toxoplasma, Turbostaat, Underparts, Zatopeks

Descendents – Marc goes to Groezrock and London (twice).
Rheinkultur Festival – r.i.p. my favorite festival.
Brian Baker vs. The Internet – When the web brings out the laughs.
Angry Samoans – Metal Mike is crazy.
The best and worst of being a punk rock photographer
Ceremony – Walk all over me.
NoFx – Chili Dog
Photo booth

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