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Sickboyz - Slightly Damaged LP (white vinyl)

Image of Sickboyz -  Slightly Damaged LP (white vinyl)


Sickboyz - Slightly Damaged LP (limited to 200 copies)

Handnumbered deluxe 12" vinyl version of Sickboyz vinyl full lenght debut from Karlsruhe, germany. Pressed on white vinyl! I saw them opening up for Clowns from australia and both bands kicked ass.

File under: Punk, Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Clowns, The Bronx, Pigrock

Mother Meth
Deader than Jesus
The Come-Down
California Rocket Fuel
Kentucky Derby
I killed a winning man
Slightly Damaged
Kid, you're going down
Bazooka Ballad

(high quality self release by the band)
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Includes downloadcode

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